Forex trader Help 🤝

I am feeling lucky today and I have been down so bad that it has affected my mental health.
I won’t say much but all I am asking for is a gift :gift: for me and my family :heart:… someone to gift me A Challenge account to keep my mind busy and to escape from my own bad thoughts that I get when I stay quiet :shushing_face: and do nothing :sob: :writing_hand:

Bruh you need to Get a job lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl:…no one has it easy…if you have internet access and a device to access prop firm talk…you can figure out a way to get some income


I know right my bro, how are you doing :joy:

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Doing good bro, blessed to be alive

Feeling lucky is a gambling mindset bro.

bro it’s not a game… at most he goes to work on the weekend, raise $50-60 and buy a prop firm ahahh I’m serious