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i left a negative review on trustpilot, they removed the review and stop servicing my country :confused: i got my whole country banned

Is there a way to have a discount in FTMO? That is not academy

Yea I’m sure the ban had nothing to do with your comment :joy:

LOL, what is your country?

This was the very first prop firm I used…I still have not come across a prop firm that has the same level of customer care…only reason I’m not using them at the moment is the price of the challenges…but once I get good money I plan to scale up with them. :muscle: Payment where always on time no matter the amount :white_check_mark:

Maybe Discord is not one of FTMO’s strengths. It is so dry.

Not at the moment. They do discount, but only few times a year, and always for very limited time (few days)

Can we copy trade from external account to FTMO challenge and/or funded accounts?

ftmo the big boys😂 because am sure the have a awy of analysing you trades

FTMO Always will be the No.1

The only prop firm that didn’t give me no drama. No platform switching no headache

Yes, you can do that with the evaluation and funded account.

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FTMO is an exceptional firm. While their programs are costly, they offer excellent value for the money, providing higher-quality services compared to other companies. :star_struck: :star_struck:

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What about IP restriction? Are there any rules for that ?

FTMO are currently running an amazing discount on 10k accounts

You can get the discount through Prop Firm Match website to get even more value for your money

Tip for those who choose to get the 10k FTMO account

With FTMO accounts, you can choose EUR, USD or GBP account. These currencies have various strengths relative to each other.

Strongest Currency

  1. GBP
  2. EUR
  3. USD

I’m using my local currency to do the comparison (Kenyan Shilling)




GBP is the strongest Currency, therefore you will get the most value if you purchase a GBP 10K account. (price is the same)

Don’t forget to stack more value by getting your account through Prop Firm Match

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