Best prop firm for each account size

Which trading prop firms are the best for rach price level.
Free - I dont think there are any free prop firms other than Darwinx techicaly
2-25k account:
Maven is probably the best at 35$ for a 10k account and acceptable conditions





I totally agree maven is one of the cheapest

Maven i agree surely has the best price range for 25k-100k with good trading conditions and acceptable rules, I also see alpha capital along with funding pips as good options and funding tarders purely for the add on for weekly payouts because i dont like trading too long before withdrawing. It all depends on who has the best promotion at the time ofcourse because these prices are jacked up :sweat_smile:

“RebelsFunding, the most affordable prop firm (prices start from $25), with the best conditions in the industry (up to 200% refund, up to 90% profit split, 5 different programs suitable for everyone, express payouts), where every trader is welcomed, from every corner of the world!”

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When it comes to finding the best pricing, I usually consider the discounts available at Prop Firm Match. I also use some of the filters on the Prop Firm Match website, especially the “In-House Technology” filter. I believe firms with in-house technology have a significant advantage over other prop firms and are less likely to have cases of denied payouts.

50K Account
For a 50K account, the most interesting offer currently is “Get one extra account of the same size if you reach a payout.” Personally, I would narrow it down to the following firms. I think The5ers offer the best value since their account is a 60K account, while the other two are 50K accounts:

  • The5ers

  • BrightFunded

  • Goat Funded Trader

100K Accounts
In this category, I would still choose The5ers (cheap commissions and a good payout cycle). While Goat Funded is cheaper, their commissions are too high. Bright Funded is also a good option. If you don’t mind the cycle for the first payout at BrightFunded then I think this is the best option