Prop Firm That has the Best Scaling Plan

In the long run, buying new challenges every now and then is not sustainable as you don’t get paid in evaluation phases but time goes by. & " Time is Money". So I think, trading with a good firm that has a fair scaling plan is a wise decision. Thus I am interested to hear what this community has to say.


the 5ers have a very good scaling plan, anytime you reach a 10% in profits your account is scaled up until you reach 4million in funding.


You are talking about their hyper growth program. But challenges are so expensive. Personally, I was planning to buy a challenge with lux trading firm which also doubles your account at every 10%, upto 10M.
But prop industry is full of scam. I wonder why Lux isn’t in PFM yet.

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you can get an account for 39$ on 5ers


I love rule of the5ers


I agree with the view. Most times this creates deviated focus.


If one has been making profits from a funded account you can always set something aside to purchase challenges. Getting max funded to me is a recipe for disaster as there’s no prop firm that’s infallible. So setting about 20% aside from every payout and getting evaluations with other trusted props is better than getting max funded in one or two good props.

The5ers has the BEST scaling plan in the industry.

I believe The5ers’ scaling plan is unbeatable. Unlike most scaling plans, which are time-based (e.g., requiring three minimum withdrawals within four months with a total minimum gain of 10%), The5ers’ plan is based solely on percentage gains. Your account gets scaled up with every 10% gain, making it a more flexible and performance-oriented approach.

The5ers has several types of accounts, make sure you confirm the scalling plan on each type of account



Hello everyone,

Feel free to share the latest infographics from prop firms regarding their scaling plans. This will help us compare and contrast the various options available.

Keep in mind that the goal isn’t necessarily to find the most attractive scaling plan, but to identify the one that best aligns with your trading strategy.

These are the scaling plans infographics that I have been able to get so far.


Thank you so much. Indeed, we have the best scaling plan.


The 10% must remain on the account ? Or do you scale up by also counting the possible withdrawals ?

From the scaling plan below I think, the 10% is withdrawable with a 80/20 profit share.

Hey, you can both withdrawal and then scale. Withdrawals dont hurt scaling.


Yes is true they have good rules

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Hello Maya, ok thanks for the confirmation !

5ers is great for forex.
On indices i love alpha capital.

The5ers are definitely the best ones, also because of how long they’ve been in the game without any conflicts (That I’ve heard of at least). But you can also check out Funded Trading Plus, basically same scaling program as the 5ers, also no issues with payout and reliable support team. Can’t go wrong with either of them imo

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Thank you so much, I appreicate it.

Don’t try 5ers, they will restrict your account to 1% risk per trade and cooldown of 1 hour after you loose 1%,
If you are growing fast.