Profit from trading

We are here to share analyses, views and profitable methods in trading


Interesting Topic bro.
Do you have any profitable strategy?
For me, still trying to get one.

Hello brother, yes I have a strategy based on Fibonacci and price action, not the traditional Fibo method. A new method that I will be happy to present here

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Hi bro. I will thank to you if you can share me. What is the winning rate of your strategy?

Many thanks for considering my request.

Hello Htun i have a profitable strategy that can help you in becoming a profitable trader

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Hi Bro, could you share me the details of that strategy?

Thank you. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Message waforexeea on telegram

Bro. can you share it here. Thanks.

I cant share it here only on telegram

Hello yes I will share with you

The way to use Vibo has rules


waiting the best setup bro…

What do you think of the Dow next week?

Hello traders. What do you think about Nasdaq selling at 19066?