The Best Trading Strategy

I have learned some trading strategies (e.g., price action, patterns, etc.). Do you all use your own strategy? If yes, why don’t we share it here and help each other?

It’s ICT , just blend IRL to ERL with CRT , it’s all MMXM ,


It is quite interesting but I rather find out the own strategy. Of course, have to do a lot of back-testing and analysis of the win rate and trade results.
How do you think bro?

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Mathematical strategies in my opinion

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It is interesting bro.

Do you have any strategies in your hands?

From my experience and perspective:
1 - We need the ability to analyze and compare across markets: commodities-energy, indices, and currencies to find most safely-profitable pair.

2 - The second thing is we should have the ability to read the market sentiment through the economic calendar (combined with some monitoring of media sources like Reuters, news on ForexFactory) to understand the scenarios playing out during the day or week.

3 - The third aspect is technical analysis, such as using certain tools to measure the pip movements each session, looking at EMAs, price patterns, candle formations, in order to identify reasonable entry and exit points for trades.

4 - Finally, we need good risk management abilities, such as calculating proper position sizing through pip values and SL,TP from setting reasonable limit ranges for the session, day, or week. Psychology is also important - you need discipline, but sometimes you shouldn’t be too rigid either.


I would like to add one final aspect to the impressive information shared by @prg.tojei:

5 - The fifth aspect is integrating all the above points by @prg.tojei into a model that complements your psychology. This involves determining which trading style best suits you—be it Swing Trading, Day Trading, or Scalping. Selecting a trading style that doesn’t align with your psychological profile can significantly impact your performance. It’s crucial to choose a style that fits your psychology to optimize your trading results.

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