The 5%ers

logo menos estarei sendo financiado dessa ótima empresa

a melhor propfirm logo menos estarei financiado por eles

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Hey, have you been in contact with support?

Hey, do you need any support?

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Hey Maya, can i get my high stake reward (The hub credit and the full refund upon successful completion of all evaluation) from the bonus account i got from the prop firm match.

Hey Dozy, new accounts receive the hub credit bonus once passing the first phase, and the refund one funded. PFM promo is in addition.

Thanks for the quick response. :orange_heart:

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currently do challenge with them. hope all goes well


Hello Maya, it has cost me more than I thought, but I can make a first retreat, small but I have not known how to do it better. My question is this: what do I have to do to activate the account of the same size and, if these accounts can be merged.

Thank you

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Everything is fine, I hope everyone can earn their goals and everything goes well,

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Hey, sorry for the late reply. Please contact prop firm match and they will take care of it.

Happy happy very good very good