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Traders have been experiencing delays in payout without updates. Support is poor in my experience as a first time trader here in ACG.

edit: got paid after 3 business days. One problem is that they didn’t count a $10k profit due to high impact news rule, but the rule was made last May 1st and the trade was April 30th. I’m reaching out to their support to clear this out.


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and here i was thinking ACG was the best :-/
really sad to know.


I’m considering them let’s see what other traders have to say here.

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I received a payout with them in 36 hours. I can’t complain, I applied for second payout today I will update how it goes


How old is this prop firm ?

Barely one year old, I think it was launched during the final quarter of last year, I still remember their legendary free 5K accounts giveaway


Is this your experience?? I got paid in 36 hours

If i remember well they said on a tweet they started in 2021 and they silently climbed their way up to the top

in that case ACG looks like it might be the next domino after TFF

Damn, I thought they where one of the more legit firms…they boast about it on X

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How long you been waiting for your payout?

I had a very bad experience with ACG,
I was funded with them and had a 200k account,
I got some UK IP address that took one trade on my account. I assume I was hacked. I lost my account, no payout despite I had a solid return pending . Not even the money paid for the challenge,
The way they treated me was appalling.
I did not understand what was happening and who hacked me. All I did was change all my passwords. I have high security but I did not have a 2 factor authentication in my mail.
I do now.
I have never experienced this before. I understand that I am responsible for the safety of my account and all.
But they decided to ban me. They were non responsive afterwards, I was obvious I had nothing to do with it as the trade was from a UK IP and I am in Denmark and it was a loss,
The hacker then contacted me and tried to blackmail me. O tried to explain all this to ACG but no understanding.
Very bad treatment, Especially the communication.
They are a red flag IMO.
I love the5ers and FTMO and Funded Next. Looking into E8 as well.


I got my certificate on May 1st filled out all my kyc and been waiting for my contract ever since. Every time i ask support they tell me they are working on it.

I cant beleive how sloppy the company is how hard can it be to send me the contract ?


I’ve had 4 payouts with ACG with the last payout being yesterday which took about 30 hours to reach my Wise account. Never had a problem with them and would highly recommend them.


What is the average payout.?
Because some guys saying they pay small payout only…?

I had my first payout from a $50k account. Requested on Tuesday and paid within 16 hours, requested as a direct bank transfer to my UK bank account. They are uk based so makes sense it was so quick. Very impressed with the speed of the payout. Will update for my next one.


I have traded with alpha capital it is good my payout got in in like 30 hours


Acg still the best :ok_hand::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: