Which prop firms are best for India?

India has banned forex trading. So it is illegal if we take payout via P2P network.
In that case, which is the best prop firm that gives payouts via legit mediums?

I’m not sure I understand your question. Is trading banned or P2P is banned? If trading is banned then you cannot receive payout through any means at all. However, if it was P2P that was banned, meaning you can still trade but you cannot receive payout through P2P networks so you need to use other payout options like RISE, BANK WIRE, PERFECT MONEY, WISE etc. A few prop firms that does such payouts that I know are Fundednext, Stocknet Institute, Goat Funded Trader, Maven and MyFlashFunding.

If trading is banned then take withdrawals via crypto than using money changers to transfer to an online wallet like PayPal or Skrill…at your own risk of course cause you would be breaking your countries laws by trading

Forex bann leads to all of this. If forex is banned, means company cannot pay me legally due to overseas funds. So what they do is take deposit from me on an indian bank acc and give withdraws from the same. Now unfortunately of withdraw comes from a random crime money, money trail will follow me and bite me in future (same for crypto unauth P2P). So I need a bank payment which is legal way of paying. So i wanted to know from indian(if not all) users from top firms line 5%, funding pips, goat funded and all top forms give legal solutions of payment or not.

Because, This issue is only standing issue btwn me and my financial freedom

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Why is Fx trading banned in India?

use ramp money for selling the crypto with 1% TDS, and hire a CA while filing taxes. Pay taxes for govt (30% :skull::skull_and_crossbones:) nobody will even care about you if you file taxes in time and take the CA’s recommendations in mind. and in propfirms you are not directly depositing and earning money on that deposits. You are paying the service fee and trading their simulated environments. So till now there is no certain prop firm rule was came out. So go nd chill with a CA and sort things out pay tax and all the best

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Currently, AxeTrader is the best propfirm

BlueGuardian is really good

Indian traders are welcome to Audacity Capital.

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