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Finotive is totally a fucking scam. I don’t know why you listed it on this site

I bought a 200k Challenge and I passed my phase 1. They decided to reset my account for no reason and they closed my access to the dashboard (404 error when I try to access my account). No response from them for 1 week now.


Same happened to me right now - also 200k account. They say gambling but I used stop loss on every trade, never over leveraged, not risking more than 2.75% in open trades. On May 9th, the risk says 4%+, but I made a typo in a stop loss which I changed when I realized that. Position lot was really low anyway and because of that I also stayed within a daily drawdown limit even with a bigger than usual stop loss.

I replied to their limit and really hope they can take a second look. I will update here once I hear back from them.

No personal experience as of yet, but a member of my trading group also got hit with the “risky trading behaviour” email after passing phase 2.

Got told you must use a SL (not stated in the rules), and told your max risk can’t be more than 1-2% (not stated in the rules again).

Just seems like they are making rules up as they go along.

These guys need delisting

Hello @Cineos has there been a response from the Finotive team?

Has there been any recent development with them asides this one?

Hello @mpias, have you heard from them since then?

It would be great to have a Finotive representative provide us with some clarity on the situation. Please keep us updated on any developments. I hope your issue gets resolved soon.

Finotive again resetting my account.
They reset my phase 1 after passing and I success.
Now I passed the phase 2 and they rejected it.
They don’t want profitable traders. They only want People loosing.

How can they be accepted in propfirm match I don’t understand.

They need to be black listed.

What was their reason for resetting your phase 1 and also rejecting your phase 2?