Apex Trader Funding

Welcome to the Apex Trader Funding discussion thread.

I have 1 $50k Funded with them. easy to get setup and activate the account once you get the challenge passed. - I have not made a request for payment yet and will update when I do.


Apex Tradevate accounts no longer include Trading View, correct? You require additional payment

I use ninja trader.
I just start today with them and i like it

Yes, use it as well, it’s impressive.

Good luck with them I wish you a good trade

Is there any chances that apex could remove country restriction? I found my country is restricted to join Apex.

is there an activation fee after passing?

It can’t change the country because it’s banned for a reason.

Yes, there is an activation fee.
Varies according to account size

There’s no Forex trading on Apex, only Futures?

I had an amazing experience with them. Joined end of april, got my first payout last month and scheduling this months payout now. Great firm!

Can someone explain how can you stack accounts?

I have 2 250k accounts and I had good experiences with this prop firm