Instant Funding

Welcome to the Instant Funding discussion thread.

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Has someone used Instant Funding? If so, are they free of shenanigans and pay out adequately? I am considering a $20000 instantly funded challenge.


i can say u can use them
but be patience and tech savvy bcos their mode of payment is with a pay.rise. PAY.RISE uses a new process and the on-boarding process for payment though happen once, can be very lengthen and tasking but as soon as you’re through with the on-boarding process, their payment is instant and you will be paid in USDC at no extra cost or fee.
that’s my experience though.
hope this helps someone out there.

Thanks for the Feedback Teechest.


To anyone using instant funding . Can I ask for their spread in cTrader?

Screenshot will do. They don’t provide spread check account so I’ll just ask their traders.