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This firm was established in 2018, which is quite impressive as they are still standing strong in the business, but they don’t appear to be that popular. Has anyone here had any experience trading with them?

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I’ve lost faith in prop firms, but CTI, my latest and perhaps final one to try, has been impressive so far in terms of service and execution. Unlike Prop 1 and Prop 2, which offer low spreads but suffer from poor execution—resulting in missed trades, slippage, delayed orders, a lower win rate, and larger losses—CTI consistently matches the performance of a live account. I definitely see a lot of FUD about CTI on X and YT which does not match my experience.

I hope CTI doesn’t do me wrong when I finally get funded; otherwise, I will never touch prop firms again.


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recently i bought a account and now i regrate why i bought this. Pls don’t buy their any account
Problems- 1. spread is high plus 5usd per lot commission.My profits going just cover the charges.
2. high slippage.
3. Low Leverage just 1:10( gold)
4. sometimes their broker just stop working. imagine your trade is open and their broker just stop working that time if price cross your stop loss your position will stil open when the broker start working price already pass your stop loss and you made hugh loss.
5. today my trade closed automatically price dosn’t cross my sl but then also my trade is closed and if my trade are not closed that give me profit
6. Price cross the take profit (with spread ) but my trade was not closed after market go more below then the trade closed.
Good thing-

  1. nothing
  2. nothing
  3. and nothing
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Interesting. I trade crosses along with majors during non active hours, wonder why my experience is different. I assume you’re trading just gold?

yeah i trade just gold

honestly the mt5 trade execution is fast and perfect.
Lately on their new broker i was funded with them few months ago has been scaled and payout in 48hrs.
I lost my account was my fault,i have two accounts now in 2 step challenge no issue at all.
this the truth about my experience with them.
Best for all and thanks for prop talk for this amazing space it helps traders a lot…