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Just opening the discussion. I’ve an ongoing challenge with Ascendx Capital. So far so good, but not yet much experience to share. At least I can say that the Discord is friendly and very responsive when any question.


The spreads on MT5 are huge. Especially on gold. Avarage is 3 . Occasianally hitting 4,5. Other than that everything is OK


Without any notice they sent a email last night saying Close All Trades and they are doing server migration… Fortunately I didn’t have any open but what on the earth are they doing sending an email moments before closing your account and closing all trades? - they seem to have have time to send marketing emails to me every other day but totally missed communicating on something so important!
Oh and if they closed your trades in negative: “Trades forced closed at a loss will be reimbursed.

Their email sent at 22:47 GMT about what they will do in at 00:00 GMT, just an hours notice:

Dear Traders,

Due to our ongoing migration please close all trades this evening.

All balances on active MT5 accounts will be calculated and MT5 accounts with Taurex will be closed this evening.

We estimate this to be completed between 00.00AM - 11.59PM GMT 16/05/24.

Live chat, discord and email support is available and the company is operating at normal capacity, new account purchase on MT5 are possible from our new broker as normal.

Trades forced closed at a loss will be reimbursed.

C trader accounts are unaffected.

We thank you for your patience and confidence and will look to support your transition to our new broker as smoothly as possible."

I now don’t have a connection to my account, no new credentials sent (if they have changed) and no credentials showing on my dashboard.
Started my challenge on Saturday so not a great start.

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They have released another update and changed their mind about giving “compensation for any associated losses.”

Just a quick reminder about our recent email regarding the migration of MT5 accounts. As mentioned, all balances on active MT5 accounts were calculated, and accounts with Taurex were closed as of today (Wednesday 15th May at 10pm GMT).

The migration process is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of today, 16th May 2024, between 00.00AM and 11.59PM GMT. During this period, any open trades will be closed, and we’ll ensure compensation for any associated losses.

Our support channels - live chat, Discord, and email - are available to assist you, and new account purchases on MT5 remain unaffected, so you can continue trading as usual.

As a token of appreciation for your patience, you can use the code [PROP50 for 50% OFF all NEW ACCOUNTS]

There new mt5 accounts are netting accounts.
When I asked them on discord they banned me for 6hours from discord.
Something weird is preparing in my opinion.

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What are Netting accounts?

Simplified position management:** Imagine you have a long position in 20 lots of gold and a short position in 10 lots of gold. A netting account would display a net long position of 10 lots, giving you a clearer picture of your gold trades.

What i loved about this you can put limit orders to partial take profits and partial stop loss.

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That 50% discount is tempting but if I’m not mistaken they are migrating to kubera markets? which is the same broker deifunded is using…just a red flag for me :no_entry:

The quick test time of 2 days is acceptable, but the time to receive a live account takes 4-6 days, too long, the spread is not very good.

spread is very high, even on Ctrader or MT5 platforms. Especially when it comes to news, even if it is a minor pair (this does not happen in ther5%)

Very poor experience i purchased account on crypto frm 2 days and till now i didn’t receive and details or information just they tell me wait be patient and now they said give us this weekend to check deeper and i send to them more photos for proof my purchase

They use kubera markets, same broker as deifunded I don’t trust them for that reason

Their Mt5 service came to a halt. All active MT5 challengers are waiting without a deadline in sight.
ctrader only for now

The usual Metaquotes problem, I hope they go through with migration process and are able to overcome the challenge associated with the process of migration.

If you plan to purchase a prop account with any prop it would be wise to select a different trading platform, I would recommend going with Ctrader

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cTrader is top tier.

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Mostly I will wait about the firm how it performs


Lately i do take a challenge and the log in’s are yet to received
but as far spreads its on a bit high range even though its fine with payouts and other support

This Prop firm is very slow in refund been waiting for several days now not like Funding traders which only took hours. plus their respons time in ticket is very slow. anyone have the same experiance?

Hello there. Appreciate the positive response. Feel free to share your experience, as we’re recently introducing improvements in all areas of the business, which means we will be actively monitoring chats here as well.