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hope no payout denials here…


I got my first payout in February (within 24 hours)… then account washed due to over confidence


I asked funded next live support a direct question but they dodged it!
A popular x inflencee/trader made mention of him having issues with getting his passed funding next challenge verified but said it was resolved because funded peaks that even has a two percent max risk verified him but funded next was saying he was risking above 2%. My concern was that I don’t find any article about specific max amount of risk or lot size (like alpha capital for example). For me, I can sometimes go full margin but I always have invalidation point where I put my stop loss and I risk about 2%. My question was “Is such prohibited in funded next?”
Support replied me with daily and max DD articles!
Am asking here again, is there a max or lotsize risk rule?

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I have been using FundedNext since December 2023. Been getting payout several times (8th times to be exact). All within 24hours as stated. Quite satisfied so far with them…

When mentioning propfirms funded nextis in the top 2 if not 1 because of their fast payout and good support

I’m still trying to pass the funded challenge. Just passed phase 1 and still trying to phase 2. I hope that the payout will not be problem. :slight_smile:

One of the best in market.

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I certainly hope that the case here

Okay, I hope this will be here. Today I bought FundedNext, and I started trading. When I opened 14 lots with market execution (100.000 account) the trade was opened 10-20 ticks higher, even if spread was 0-1. I was surprised and closed the trade immediately. Then, I wrote support and they asked me screen record of how it happens. I opened one more trade abd it opened 20 ticks lower, and I closed trade and it closed 20 ticks higher. I personally tried most of the prop firms, and none of them had the same issue, except MyFundedFx, but in that case it was not that high. Just for opening and closing my trades I lost 1.6%. I kindly advise you to avoid this company, since they claiming me that it is normal market conditions. There was no any news. Screens attached.


Is there an option to withdraw funds or make payments every two weeks?

For the 1 and 2 step evaluation, you can withdraw your profit split every 2 weeks, 25 - 28 days for Express funded accounts.


Thanks for the information :saluting_face: :+1:

Today I signed up for a free trial, but unfortunately, I can only use MT5 and there is no option to use MT4. The existing trading system is built for MT4, and it would take a very long time to recode it for MT5. I hope that for the free trial, MT4 can be used. MT5 is not very practical for trading and is very complex. It makes things very difficult.

Moreover, in Indonesia, the funded next website is banned by the government, so we have to use a VPN to connect to the dashboard. The policy of only one IP access for MT4 and MT5 is questionable because if we can log in to MT4 and MT5, why should it be limited to just one IP? After all, certain logins are confidential for each trader, but sometimes to switch websites and stay connected, a VPN is needed.

One more thing is the live chat support is only answered by AI, without any support staff. Not very good.

Thanks for listening.

The issue regarding the trial accounts and competitions not being able to use MT4, I thought, was already resolved, as it is indeed the company’s policy.

Regarding the use of VPN, as long as it is for accessing the funded next account on the website and not used simultaneously with MT4, I think it should be fine as well.

Regarding customer support, I was able to connect yesterday, and many questions were answered, although there are still a few ambiguous points.

I then decided to purchase the 10K funded next challenge. The payment went smoothly, clear instructions were sent to my email, and everything was fine until this afternoon when I was trading, coincidentally during the NFP. Two of my trading positions in EURJPY were closed not at the Stop Loss I set in MT4. The Stop Loss was set at 174.221, but these two positions were closed at 174.175. The complete documentation, along with the MT4 terminal records and Forex Factory Explorer data, are consistent, should not get filled at 174.175 (174.18). If they hadn’t been closed, there was a possibility that these positions wouldn’t have turned into losses because the SL wasn’t hit, and the price dropped a lot before rising significantly. I could have used the automatic trailing SL line within my trading system just by adjusting it. I have contacted Support but haven’t received a response yet. I hope a best solution is provided soon.

Note: I hope FundedNext pays more attention to technical issues like this or to having a more solid payment method than being busy with nonsense trading competitions, boring affiliate programs, and so many challenge packages and regulations

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Closing trades not at the price set by the trader doesn’t make sense, just assume so. If the price is closed at the trader’s requested price, even with slippage, it shouldn’t be a problem.

They have escalated the issue to the Priority Solution Task Force, and I should expect an update soon.

That’s a good thing :+1:

Not a win-win solution but its okay. Slipi-papage.

Here is the reply from Support Team:

Hello …
Greetings! This is Seth Martin, reaching out from the FundedNext Support Team. I’m writing to you today to follow up on your recent ticket (69332).
​ Regarding Order: #26193426, 26195019. The trades were closed at (15:30:14) on (05.07.2024) (GMT+3).

Now, there are several elements to understand:

  1. According to the order book, your trade closed at the best price closest to the price that you requested.
  2. Stop Loss is not a guarantee of price, but rather a price limit to trigger the order. So, essentially, the Stop Loss price you set is like an alert. When the market hits this alert, it automatically tries to close at the next best available price.
  3. It seems like your desired price was not available at the time, the system sought the next closest available price. This process can sometimes result in unexpected price fill.

This phenomenon isn’t unique to our platform—it’s a common experience in trading, regardless of the firm or brokerage you use.
Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Live Support team by clicking here.
We would love to hear about our ticket resolution process. Help us serve you better. - take our 1-minute survey regarding your ticket resolution here. Your contribution is invaluable.
Best regards,
​ Seth Martin
Priority Solution Task Force,
​FundedNext Support Team.

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Sorry about this @roelsmajor

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So far, everything is fine, except for this slippage part.

From a business perspective and also from a trader psychology standpoint, accounts below 10K do not hold much significance. Then, why would an account above 100K still be offered. I believe a special agreement is needed if someone is allocated more than 100K.

For add-ons, it’s fine as they come with additional features.

Regarding account merging, the rules are still very complex. It’s fine if accounts can only be merged if they originate from the same challenge group, but why must the challenge be completed from the beginning again? Isn’t there already a certificate of completion for that level group?

Regarding the scaling plan, the timeframe is still too long (3 months of consistency) and complicated, even though they offer a 40% balance increase afterward. Ideally, it should be at least 100% - 200% (2x or 3x).

Best Regards

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Funded next is my best prop firm.