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Currently funded with them no payout issues so far…have gotten 4 payouts + my refund :100:


Hi! I have a master account with FP. So far overall
Experience has been great and they seem to be pretty stable as a company.
However the time it takes to get from one phase
To another is a bit too long. Minimum 24 hrs between phases 1&2 and always around 3 business days to get master account activated and set for trading. I’m fine with that as I’m in no rush.
However the withdrawal/payout process is painfully slow. I requested payout Tuesday 10PM est, it’s Thursday 11am now and no word from them still. On the website FAQ it does say 24 hrs however the email says 3 business days.
The account is locked while getting payout processed so I can’t trade. What’s the point of payout every 5 days if after Payout it takes at least 2 days to get the funds?
Funny how some people request it and get it approved and processed within 1-4 hours and I have to wait for 2+ days. Their payout window is 10am-3pm Dubai time so if you didn’t get payout in that timeframe better luck next day.

Overall a great firm with great spreads and execution etc. but this waiting time is killing my trading plan for the week.

Anyone had similar experience?


Hello there, how is the payouts for funding pips through crypto?


and how is the withdrawals via crypto payment?

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Hi, the withdrawals through crypto always take less than a day after I request…withdrawing through crypto is definitely faster than rise

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Yea, their processes are very slow when it comes to moving from phase 1 to 2 then getting a master account…if you are requesting through rise then you can expect it to be much slower but you should get it within 3-5 business days…

I haven’t had any delays with my crypto withdrawals tho always the next day i receive it…but these are less than $500


how long you trade on Funding pips? is there any problem within trading with them?


Since November 2023…only issue is getting the funded account and support is slow…apart from that all good.

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And if i may ask which crypto wallet do you use and how do you withdraw from it to your bank account?

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Trust wallet…I use online emoney exchangers to get it to my bank :currency_exchange:

okay, so what you do is you sell your btc to someone the he/she accredits it to your bank account?


Yea…but Funding pips sends crypto in USDT (trc20) not btc

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ooh, okay i get it know thank you

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They are the top firm in the prop firm space i have passed my phase 1 and phase 2 and currently on a funded account and waiting for my payout day!

Exact after 24hrs my phase 2 account was created!
And after clearing my phase 2 My account got reviewed within 2 days and i got my master account same day as soon as i did my KYC.

KYC was hassle free it barely took 5-10min… and my master account was created within 20 minute and within 1 day my account onboarding was done!

For me they did all the formalities before time!

Highly recommended
I will definitely share my experience about the payout process.
Thank You!


Congratulations brother.
Funding pips are good

Funding pips sometimes they intentionally stops the servers on news . Stoploss didn’t work for few minutes until you blow the account.

Currently doing a challenge with them so far the trading conditions are good

I made same complain in the discord. I passed on Thursday London open, got rewiew process completed today after opening a ticket, now waiting for the onboarding. If there’s specific time stamp, it’s better, but the process is clearly delayed on purpose. I guess it’s better to manage risk and keep trading until a week where one will just dedicate to payout request. To be honest I have been reading about various firms for days now, ftmo, funded next, aloha capital, 5ers, funding peaks.
One need to be very careful with making sure the best is used


Good to hear, so onboarding process can be this fast, that’s encouraging