Funding Pips

No payouts tomorrow because it’s a Dubai holiday :skull: I fail to see why they can’t payout because they can easily process them the next day… we now have to wait another week.

It’s clear FP are having liquidity issues and doing anything to slow down money going out…it’s sad but currently I would not recommend anyone to buy a challenge with them :sob:

This firm is about to go down stay away, quite a number of guys an me are already sending mails to the support team for payments that were made but no account details, they are looking for way to rip guys offs, lucky for me i made a screenshot of the payment process but they said that a ticket has been raised…still waiting for the feedback, over an hour now

The payment option used for has now been removed from their site and no record of this payment in my dashboard all in a bid to remove traces of this…please stay away…now i really believe that they have issues as stated in this thread

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That’s a great one there

Which payment method?

Crypto is always faster, some payments only take a few minutes to hit the account, in the worst case scenario it takes a few hours.

I saw on their Discord that some users experience delays with payouts and verification, but personally, I can say they process everything quite fast.

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this company is legit or not any one tell mee

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At the moment there are better props out there that are not facing issues.

name the firm bro… that may help to find a good one

At the moment funding pips are facing issues, I would rather get an account from a stable prop firm, i.e the5ers FTMO etc. you can utilize the Prop Firm Match website to identify the top rated firms based on traders reviews.


I hope you guys are aware of the new rules introduced by FundingPips

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Woow but what do u mean ? Paid were done by them but never arrived to your account? I just bought an account with them

FTMO is not available for indians… :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

The5ers Rule Update

What are your thoughts on the above rules update?

I think that’s fair and I think your post is in the wrong firm’s discussion as well. :sweat_smile:

Damn, got confused, i meant to upload to to the appropriate section. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I don’t even know how this works