What are some Tools and Indicators That made you profitable?

What are some Tools and Indicators That helped you become profitable ?

Hi bro, I’m telling you… I personally hate indicators, I find them an owl guru thing. The only one I use is Session to split the sessions, and in backtest I use the one to make the news appear (without always opening forexfactory).

The only one I could recommend, but always to be used only as further confirmation is the RSI for divergences.

Then otherwise all those of volume if he betrayed in that way are top, such as VP, MP, VWAP, etc.

For the rest I go to price action

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yeah indicators are a no go.
the only one i could recommend is RSI to be used with divergences on a timeframe like m15 or so…

Personally, I use indicators differently—not necessarily to enter or exit trades but to make information easier to see. The following types of indicators have been useful to me:

  1. An indicator that highlights various sessions (Asia, London, and NY Sessions).
  2. The SMT indicator (if you are an ICT student, you will understand what I mean).
  3. A position sizing expert advisor.

That’s all I use. I haven’t mentioned specific indicators because there are plenty that perform the tasks above. When it comes to entering or exiting a trade, I am purely a discretionary trader and do not need an indicator for that.