Ascendx Capital

We are in the process of integrating our own P5 Broker, which should improve things in this regard and offer traders the best trading conditions possible. We have been listening to our traders and implementing improvements where we can!

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This has been noted.
We want to avoid distruptions to traders as much as possible, but important changes such as this sometimes forces us to do sudden actions. We are trying to inform traders in advance and believe we are doing a better job as of late - as per our latest Announcements. We do apologize for any inconveniences caused - and our latest step to build our own Broker will allow us to avoid the above.
Hope you are having a pleasant experience in other regards!

I hope you guys are aware of the new rules introduced at Ascendx Capital.

What do you guys think of the new rule (High Impact News rule)

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There is a new rule that states funded accounts can not hold a trade below two minutes unless it triggers TP or SL which should be placed with the trade and can not be modified in any way.
if this occurs the account will be reset until the next payout cycle.

This is a ridduculus change and needs to be change.
otherwise i wont be purchasing new account

I bought the account on this prop firm . I liked the customer support is very active. If you have created any ticket they solve on priority basis. Which helps me alot.

Got my payout fast
I locked in some profit for second one hope it will be faster like the first one